Law 12

Law 12 Course Details


Holly Mair


Social Studies 11


In Law 12 you will learn about the role of law and the benefits of the legal system.

If you are interested in a Law related career, you will enjoy this introduction to how to make legal decisions, and think critically about legal issues. Our goal is for you to gain the skills to clearly express ideas, argue effectively, logically, and accurately interpret the written word applied to legal, social and ethical issues.

Module 1 Foundations
Module 2 Criminal Law
Module 3 Civil Law
Module 4 Family Law






Student-paced - for those who wish to take responsibility for establishing their own timelines or who need to have maximum flexibility in terms of course work in order to accommodate other activities in their lives. (13 assignments and 4 discussion posts)


4 Modules (13 assignments)
4 Module Tests


Assignments - 42%
Tests - 58%

There is no final exam for this course.

BC Performance Standards


SIDES Teacher


All About Law (6th edition - Nelson Publishing) $80.00
Text book is Optional


Basic Technical Requirements

More Info

Module 1 Foundations

Sec 1 Nature of Law

Sec 2 Court System

Sec 3 Canadian Constitution

Module 1 Test

Module 2 Criminal Law

Sec 4 Intro to Criminal Law

Sec 5 Criminal Offences

Sec 6 Criminal Procedures Before Trial

Sec 7 Criminal Trial

Sec 8 Sentencing & Corrections

Module 2 Test

Module 3 Civil Law

Sec 9 The Nature of Civil Law

Sec 10 Tort Law

Sec 11 Contract Law

Module 3 Test

Module 4 Family Law

Sec 12 The Family Unit

Sec 13 Children and Family Law

Module 4 Test


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