School Plans, Policies and Protocols

Support for Learning at SIDES

The Ministry of Education acknowledges that there are some aspects of a general educational program that are difficult to provide in a DL setting. For this reason, we are able to offer some financial support (up to $500.00 per student) to SIDES “school of record” students in order to enhance their education while at SIDES.  Read More

Academic Dishonesty Protocol

Cheating is a broad term that encompasses any and all attempts by a student to dishonestly or unfairly give, use or obtain any information or material not their own for a school test or assignment. Click here to read our Academic Dishonesty protocol.

Course Completion Policy

At SIDES, we offer robust secondary courses that require significant work and commitment. It is not possible for students to complete a full course in fewer than 30 business (school) days. Students are required to wait for feedback on one section of learning before they can move on to the next section. It is unrealistic to expect teachers to expedite marking assignments so that students can move quickly through a course.

Students should be sure to give themselves sufficient time to complete coursework as it will not be possible to complete a full course in fewer than 30 business days. In most cases, students will need significantly more than 30 days to complete a course.

Refund Policy

SIDES provides refunds in two situations:

  1. for resource deposits;
  2. for tuition fees.

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District Policies

Risk/Threat Assessment Notification

Emergency School Closing - Secondary

Emergency School Closing - Elementary/Middle Schools