K-9 Overview

All SIDES students in our K - 9 program require the support of a Home Facilitator. A Home Facilitator can be a parent, a grandparent, or an adult who is designated by the parent or guardian to support the student in the home each day.  SIDES teachers interact regularly with the Home Facilitator to support learning in the home. Click here for more information about our K - 9 Program.

Our K - 9 courses are based on the following core competencies:

  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Positive personal and social identity
  • Social responsibility.

Other features of our program include:

  • Engaging online courses
  • Weekly virtual classes
  • On-site sessions which include a variety of regularly scheduled face-to-face learning opportunities - a mix of onsite classes (art, science, social studies) and community outings to provide extended learning opportunities
  • Partnerships, such as our Grade 6-9 Physical Literacy program partnership with the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)
  • On-site and online tutorial support.