Transition to Adulthood

SIDES is pleased to offer Transition to Adulthood, a unique program for students aged 18 - 21 with special needs who require further assistance with transition to adulthood. Participating in this program does not affect CLBC funding opportunities.

Download Program Overview here

Eligible participants for the TTA Program must meet these criteria:

  • be under 21 years old and have not had a gap in school enrollment;
  • had an IEP in place during high school but did not achieve their IEP goals; and,
  • have been on an Evergreen (modified) program.

Program opportunities may include:

  • work experience and job skill development;
  • access to online modified courses;
  • planned programs at SIDES and in the community;
  • coordination of adult therapy services (OT, PT, SLP).

For more information or to register, contact our Learning Services Department at 250-479-7125 ext 200.