Most SIDES courses in Grades 9 - 12 include supervised tests. In the past, these tests were written in person with a test supervisor, either on site at SIDES or with a pre-approved invigilator. We now allow students to write these supervised assessments/tests in their own homes using an online supervision service called Integrity Advocate (IA).

Integrity Advocate is integrated with Brightspace, so students who request tests from their teachers will be advised on how to access the tests right in their courses. Integrity Advocate requires students to use their computer cameras to monitor them while they write their tests. Once the test is done and submitted, IA provides a report of any concerns and the SIDES teachers review the report and either approve the test or contact the student if they have questions.

You will find information on how to request a test and other helpful tips in your course. Please contact your teacher if you have any questions.