June 16, 2020

A Message from Saanich Schools

June 5, 2020

The present attention being given around the world to the reality of racism and its effects reminds us of the critical importance we all play in erasing it. What we say and do matters when our goal is to provide equality for all in our society and in our schools.

As leaders within the Saanich school system, we reject racism.

At its core, public education has the critical social importance of building a compassionate and welcoming community. We work to instill a sense of belonging and inclusion for the diversity present in all people. Our schools are places where we strive to build understanding and acceptance of all – regardless of the language they speak, the culture they observe, the colour of their skin or the religion they practice.

As leaders within the Saanich School District, we are united in our belief that public schools remain critical to the education and healing that will make our world a better place tomorrow than it is today.

Dave Eberwein, Superintendent
Dean Coates, CUPE 441
Don Peterson, Saanich Teachers
Kal Russell, Saanich Administrators
Tim Dunford, Board Chair