K-12 Partial In-class Instruction:

May 25, 2020

As the province begins the Re-start Plan for K-12 on June 1st, SIDES will continue to be strictly online. We will not be hosting on-site tutoring, on-site testing, or any face-to-face activities for the remainder of the school year. SIDES will be starting online tutoring for Middle School students in June, and online Math and Science tutoring will continue for Secondary Students. The Secondary sign-up sheet is available from the "Tutor Schedule" widget on SIDES Online. Testing will continue remotely through Zoom, and we will be moving towards an online proctoring solution in the summer.

SIDES ROC and BLC will not be open to the general public for the rest of this school year. The only exceptions to this will be appointments with current students that are requested by individual teachers.

We thank you for your patience in these extraordinary times.

Registration is now open online for all students.

Report Card Update

April 20, 2020

Elementary/Middle (K-8)

SIDES will not be issuing formal Term 2 report cards for our Elementary and Middle-school students this school year. We will issue a final report card at the end of Term 3 (June).

Families are reminded that they can check in with their children's teacher(s) by email for a quick update on student progress.

Secondary (9-12)

SIDES will not be issuing formal Term 3 report cards for this school year. You can check on your course progress at any time by checking your course grade book, which includes both your current grade and the percentage of the course you have completed.

If you are in need of an interim grade for the purpose of post-secondary application, go to the "Records" button in the Toolbox. You may request interim grades there.

Emergency Closing Procedures

September 12, 2019

The emergency closing of a school is a rare occurrence, circumstances such as a heavy snowfall or an extended power failure can demand that such a decision be made. It is important that you are aware of the procedures. Click Here for closing procedures document.