SIDES offers a number of dual credit opportunities for students who are interested in trades or an academic program.

SIDES belongs to the South Island Partnership (SIP). SIP offers tuition-free technical college programs and first-year academic college courses to eligible grade 10-12 students. Students will earn dual credit, meaning that they will earn credit toward graduation from secondary school at the same time as they are earning credit toward post-secondary programs. Students must meet prerequisites and ideally start the planning process in grade 9 or 10. Please note that students are responsible for a registration fee (approximately $40) and required textbook costs.

The first step is to contact the SIDES career teacher Rhiannon Cockayne at or 250 888 5669.

To explore possible options please use the following Camosun planning guide:

To explore SIP Camosun please use the following link:

To explore our district career website us the following link: