Calculus 12


Kathleen Pugh


Pre-Calculus 12 or Principles of Mathematics 12 with at least a B standing.


This course teaches the essentials of a branch of Mathematics called Calculus. Students will learn what derivatives are, how to calculate some of them, and some of their applications. Similarly, they will learn about the flip-side of calculus - what integrals are and how to use them. Throughout, the emphasis will be on the application of these concepts.

The course is delivered with video instruction and is supported by a Calculus textbook. The assignments are printed off and done by hand but submitted electronically. The course covers the following topics

Module 1:
Unit 1: Functions
Unit 2: Limits

Module 2:
Unit 3: Derivatives
Unit 4: Derivation Rules
Unit 5: Advanced Derivation Rules

Module 3:
Unit 6: Derivative and Curve Sketching
Unit 7: Applications of Derivatives

Module 4:
Unit 8: Antiderivative
Unit 9: Applications of the Antiderivative

There is an assignment for each unit and a test for each module and a final exam.

Students will be assessed with send-in assignments, module tests and a final exam. These are all submitted online. Some of the assessments are supervised by Integrity Advocate. Integrity Advocate supervised tests require a computer with a webcam and microphone, and Integrity Advocate runs from directly within the online course, so students are not required to download any third-party software to their computers.

Face-to-face or Zoom conversations will be part of the expectations for this course. This will start with the first interview but please understand that you will be asked to meet several times while you are in the course. This could be to clarify a solution on a test, get some support for your learning or present part of a project.






Student-paced: this is an ideal course for students who wish to take responsibility for establishing their own timelines and require a flexible course that they can accommodate into their lives.

Students are asked to complete a schedule for themselves using the built in scheduler as one of the first activities in the course. This will give students the big picture view of their commitment and progress towards completion.


There is a send-in assignment after each unit, which the teacher will use to assess the student’s understanding and give the student specific feedback on their strengths and how to improve in the course.


Send in assignment 25%
Module tests 60%
Final Exam 15%

BC Performance Standards


Students are supported by their teacher using email and online zoom sessions.


Students need access to a computer with reliable internet access, a webcam and microphone, a printer to print notes and assignments, a scanner (or mobile phone scanning app such as Genius Scan) to scan student work that will be submitted online, a scientific calculator, and a ruler.

We acknowledge and thank the W̱SÁNEĆ people on whose traditional territory we live, learn, and teach.

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