Calculus 12


Sylvia Harrison


Pre-Calculus 12 or Principles of Mathematics 12 with at least a B standing.


This course teaches the essentials of a branch of Mathematics called Calculus. Students will learn what derivatives are, how to calculate some of them, and some of their applications. Similarly, they will learn about the flip-side of calculus - what integrals are and how to use them. Throughout, the emphasis will be on the application of these concepts.

The course is delivered with video instruction and is supported by a Calculus textbook. The assignments are printed off and done by hand but submitted electronically. The course covers the following topics

Module 1:
Unit 1: Functions
Unit 2: Limits

Module 2:
Unit 3: Derivatives
Unit 4: Derivation Rules
Unit 5: Advanced Derivation Rules

Module 3:
Unit 6: Derivative and Curve Sketching
Unit 7: Applications of Derivatives

Module 4:
Unit 8: Antiderivative
Unit 9: Applications of the Antiderivative

There is an assignment for each unit and a test for each module. Students must bring their own scientific calculator to all module tests.








Student-paced - for those who wish to take responsibility for establishing their own timelines or who need to have maximum flexibility in terms of course work in order to accommodate other activities in their lives.


20% Assignments
80% Tests

BC Performance Standards


Click here to view the Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) within the Integrated Resource Package (IRP)for this course.

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