Chemistry 11


Clint Surry


Science 10 and Foundations and Precalculus Math 10 or permission from the course teacher.


Chemistry 11 fully meets the learning outcomes for the BC Curriculum. It is the pre-requisite for Chemistry 12 and recommended for Biology 12.

This course was designed to be engaging, easy to navigate, and to help students come to both a conceptual and mathematical understanding of the mole, stoichiometry, solution chemistry, atoms, periodic table and periodic properties and organic chemistry at the grade 11 level. Each lesson contains carefully selected practice problems and extra resources.

Online lessons are video-based, and students have complete control over the pace at which they learn—lessons can be paused, resumed and repeated using simple navigation buttons. Examples are interactive with animated step-by-step video whiteboard solutions. Extra resources, including alternate lessons and examples, have been carefully selected to assist students who need additional instruction.

Chemistry 11 is organized into the following units:

  • Unit 1: Safety and Measurement
  • Unit 2: Matter and Naming
  • Unit 3: The Mole
  • Unit 4: Stoichiometry
  • Unit 5: Atoms, Periodic Table, & Solutions
  • Unit 6: Organic Chemistry

Students will be assessed with formative unit send-in assignments, unit tests, lab reports, a research project, and two supervised Term Tests (Term 1 on Units 1-3, Term 2 on Units 4-6)






Student-paced – Students are asked to complete a schedule for themselves using the built-in scheduler as one of the first activities in the course. This will give students the big picture of their commitment and progress towards completion.


At the end of most units, there is a send in assignment which the teacher will use to assess the student’s understanding, and give the student specific feedback on their strengths and how to improve in the course.

There are 5 timed take-home unit tests and 2 online supervised Term Tests (Units 1-3 and Units 4-6) in Chemistry 11. Each unit test and each Term Test is intended to take roughly 1.5 hours.

Tests are completed at home, and the Term Tests are supervised online using Integrity Advocate (a webcam is mandatory).


Introductory Assignment (Density Lab) 5%
Unit 1 Send In 5%
Unit 2 Lab Report 0.5%
Unit 1 & 2 Test (timed take home) 6%
Unit 3 Test (timed take home) 7%
Term 1 Test (supervised) 20%
Unit 4 Lab Report 10%
Unit 4 Test (timed take home) 7%
Unit 5 Test (timed take home) 6%
Unit 6 Research Project 2.5%
Unit 6 Test (timed take home) 6%
Term 2 Test (supervised) 25%

BC Performance Standards


Online tutorials are available if student would like additional 1-1 help. There is a signup link on the course homepage. The teacher is also available to help by telephone and e-mail


Students need access to a computer and have a working webcam and microphone (mandatory for testing). A mobile phone to scan work (or a desktop scanner) is needed for scanning work to submit to the online assignment folder. A student may book an online tutorial to go over how to scan and submit their work if needed. Many students find a printer useful but it is not required. You will need a scientific calculator (mobile phone or tablet will not be permitted for tests), and a ruler. All assignments must be submitted electronically. You may complete your work and then scan it.


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