Creative Writing 12


Erin Egan


Creative Writing 12 is a grade 12-level academic elective for which you need a strong foundation in English writing skills. We recommend that you successfully complete English 11 before enrolling in Creative Writing 12.

Please note that students must complete English Studies 12 or English Studies 12 First Peoples in order to graduate. Creative Writing 12 is an elective course and cannot be used instead of ENST 12.


Big Ideas for Creative Writing 12

There are a number of big ideas identified in the curriculum for this course. Here are the ones that we'll spend the most time exploring:

  • Creative writers take risks and persevere
  • Creative writers are observant of the world
  • Language shapes ideas and influences others

Curricular Competencies

There are two broad sets of curricular competencies for this course.

Comprehend and Connect - these are the competencies connected to reading, viewing, and listening. It is in the close observation of others' writing that we refine our own craft. Expect to read widely using the "Reading as a Writer" practice and expect to apply what you learn in your own writing.

Create and Communicate - these are the competencies connected to crafting, revising, and polishing original texts. Expect to get out of your comfort zone here. You will be experimenting with a variety of genres, structures, and forms, and I'll be pushing you to take risks, deepen your writing practice, and become ever more precise and intentional in your use of language.






Student-paced. Students are expected to submit work regularly and to complete this course within one calendar year.


In Creative Writing 12 students will read and write contemporary poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction. For students with a particular interest in another genre (such as screenwriting or documentary writing), we offer the option of completing an independent study instead of Unit Five.

We will emphasize creative writing exercises to help students generate fresh language and ideas, and will guide students to compose creative pieces which are personally meaningful and worthy of publication.

The course consists of five units and two portfolio interviews:

  • Poetry: the basics
  • Short Fiction
  • Poetry: sound and image
  • Midterm Portfolio
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Independent Study or Poetry
  • Final Portfolio


Assessment is the systematic gathering of information about what students know, understand, and are able to do in relation to the curricular competencies and content for this course. Here are the key ways you will be assessed:

  • "formative" submissions on which I will only give you feedback and no grade.
  • polished submissions for each unit
  • self-assessments on your process and growth as a writer
  • quizzes focusing on your "Reading like a Writer" practices
  • conversations about your writing and learning during the midterm and final portfolio interviews

I will base your final mark on your body of work as a whole, taking into consideration your growth as a writer through the course, and recognizing that your writing will evolve and improve throughout Creative Writing 12.

BC Performance Standards


Students are supported by the online teacher for the course, and can receive assistance by email, phone or Zoom.


None required


Basic technical skills


Click here to view the Learning Standards within theRedesigned BC Curriculum for this course.

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