Anatomy and Physiology 12


Rhiannon Cockayne, Chloe Faught & Tejinder Hari


It is recommended that students complete Science 10. Chemistry 11 is recommended. Life Sciences 11 (Old course name Biology 11) is not necessary for Anatomy and Physiology 12.


Anatomy and Physiology 12 (previously Biology 12) is an online, media-rich course designed to meet the new BC Anatomy and Physiology 12 Curriculum (2018). The course offers interactive lessons, a variety of guided activities, assignments and labs, and rubric-based assessment. There are learning guides to assist in note taking throughout the course.

This course consists of four units that incorporate the Big Ideas of Homeostasis, Gene Expression and Organ Systems. The first two units focus on cellular biology and the last two units cover the major systems of the body, focusing on anatomy and physiology.

Unit One

Chapter 1 Homeostasis, Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 2 Cell Compounds and Biological Molecules
Chapter 3 Cell Membrane Transport

Unit Two

Chapter 4 DNA Replication
Chapter 5 Protein Synthesis-Gene Expression
Chapter 6 Enzymes

Unit Three

Chapter 7 Digestive System
Chapter 8 Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems
Chapter 9 The Heart and Blood Pressure
Chapter 10 Respiratory System

Unit Four

Chapter 11 Nervous System
Chapter 12 Urinary System
Chapter 13 Reproduction System






Anatomy and Physiology 12 is a self-paced course and students can begin throughout the year. Students are expected to finish their course within a one-year period.

There are 4 tests in this course. Two of them require supervision with proctoring software called Integrity Advocate. You do not need to come to SIDES to write any of these tests. Further instruction will be provided in the course.


Unit 1 Chapter 1 Learning Guide 5%
Unit 1 Chapter 1 Quiz: 5%
Unit 1 Exploring Osmosis Lab 10%
Unit 1 Test (supervised) 12.5%
Unit 2 Protein Synthesis Model Assignment 10%
Unit 2 Test (supervised) 12.5%
Unit 3 Fetal Pig Dissection and Biological Drawings Assignment 10%
Unit 3 Test (supervised) 12.5%
Unit 4 Health Topic Inquiry Assignment 10%
Unit 4 Test (supervised) 12.5%

BC Performance Standards


* Basic Technical Requirements

  • Reliable high-speed Internet
  • Up-to-date computer and software
  • Student must have their own email address


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