Science 10


Marlo Taylor


It is recommended that students complete Science 9 or equivalent.


Science 10 is an online, media-rich course designed to meet the new BC Science 10 Curriculum (2016).

The course offers interactive lessons, a variety of guided activities, assignments and labs, and rubric-based assessment.

The course consists of four units:

Unit One: Biology - a focus on the big idea that genes are the foundation for the diversity of living things.

Unit Two: Chemistry - a focus on the big idea that chemical processes require energy change as atoms are rearranged.

Unit Three: Physics - a focus on the big idea that energy is conserved and its transformations can affect living things and the environment.

Unit Four: Earth/Space Science - a focus on the big idea that the formation of the universe can be explained by the big bang theory.






Science 10 is a self-paced course and students can begin throughout the year. Students are expected to finish their course within a one-year period.


Students are assessed on a variety of assignments in each unit, including labs, learning guides, discussion posts, quizzes and other activities. Assignments are submitted electronically through the course dropbox to ensure prompt feedback. Most assessments are rubric-based.

Each unit is worth 25%. There are tests after the Chemistry and Physics units and a choice of projects at the end of the Biology and Earth Science units.

BC Performance Standards


  • Basic Technical Requirements
  • Reliable high-speed Internet
  • Up-to-date computer and software
  • Student must have their own email address


Click here to view the Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for this course.

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