Work Experience 12B


Rhiannon Cockayne


In Work Experience 12B, a student will work either with a current employer, a volunteer organization, or perhaps a new employer (different than Wex12A). Students are expected to build on the skills developed in Wex12A, or perhaps try something new with a new employer. Wex12B is geared towards those who want to build a career path. Perhaps students are more interested in the industry or trade developed in Wex12A and want to gain more experience in the field. It can also be with a new employer as it is common that a variety of paths require work in the field to determine if it is a good fit. Agreement forms, training plans, and safety regulations are important in Wex12B. The training plan will be particularly important as it will show the developed work habits and training that perhaps wasn’t made available in Wex12A. The forms used in Wex12B are very similar to those used in Wex12B. You will need to have a edited/updated resume ready for your application.






Student-paced. Students are expected to submit work regularly and to complete this course within one calendar year.


WEX12B has two parts:

Intro to Work Experience 12B

  • approximately 10 hours of assignment work and form completion to prepare you for your work experience
  • work cannot be commenced or counted for credit until this has been marked.

At the Workplace

  • completion and documentation of 110 hrs of work
  • completion of an employer evaluation and a self-reflection


  • Focus Assignment, Resume, Cover Letter, Safety Quiz and Worksite Orientation Forms 25%
  • Teacher Check In With Supervisor 5%
  • Time Log of 120 hours 20%
  • Employer Evaluation 45%
  • Student Self Reflection 5%

BC Performance Standards


Students are supported by the online teacher for the course, and can receive assistance by email, phone or in person at SIDES.


None required


Basic technological skills. There may be requirements for the chosen workplace such as particular clothing or footwear.


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