Foundations and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 10


Angela Kleine-Buning


Math 9 with a minimum mark of C+


This newly developed Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 course fully meets the learning outcomes for the new BC Curriculum. It is the pre-requisite for Pre-Calculus 11 and Foundations of Mathematics 11.

This engaging and easy to navigate course was designed to help students reach their full potential in secondary math. Each lesson contains carefully selected practice problems and extra resources.

Online lessons are video-based, and students have complete control over the pace at which they learn—lessons can be paused, resumed and repeated using simple navigation buttons. Examples are interactive with animated step-by-step flash and video whiteboard solutions. Extra resources, including alternate lessons and examples, have been carefully selected to assist students who need additional instruction.

Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 is organized into the following units:

  • Unit 1: Exponents
  • Unit 2: Polynomials
  • Unit 3: Factoring
  • Unit 4: Relations and Functions
  • Unit 5: Linear Relations
  • Unit 6: Linear Systems
  • Unit 7: Trigonometry
  • Unit 8: Mathematical Models
  • Unit 9: Measurement

Students will be assessed with send-in assignments which must be submitted online, unit tests, projects, and a final exam.

Each unit test and the final exam has a practice test identical in length and style to the real test to help students prepare and study.






Student-paced – Students are asked to complete a schedule for themselves using the built in scheduler as one of the first activities in the course. This will give students the big picture of their commitment and progress towards completion.


There is a send-in assignment after each unit, which the teacher will use to assess the student’s understanding, and give the student specific feedback on their strengths and how to improve in the course.

There are 6 supervised unit tests in Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10, and a final exam that also must be supervised. Each test is intended to take roughly 1.5 hours. Students should plan on having up to 3 hours available for writing the final.

Students in the Greater Victoria area will write their tests at the SIDES Royal Oak campus located at 4575 Wilkinson Road.

Long distance students are responsible for arranging a test supervisor at a school, or academic institution (ex. college, university, or library). Tests supervisors will need to be approved by SIDES administration. Students should actively be arranging a test supervisor while completing the first unit of the course. Students will be required to schedule tests at times that are convenient for the test supervisor.


Unit 1 Take-home Test 5%
Unit 1 & 2 Test (supervised) 10%
Unit 3 Test (supervised) 10%
Unit 4 Graphing Stories Project 10%
Unit 5 Test (supervised) 10%
Unit 6 Test (supervised) 10%
Unit 7 Test (supervised) 10%
Unit 8 Mathematical Modeling 15% (three small projects worth 5% each)
Unit 9 Test (supervised) 5%
Final Exam (supervised) 15%

Note that Unit 9 is completed after the final exam, because this unit is not included on the final exam

BC Performance Standards


Local students have access to the SIDES Student Tutoring Centre, where students can get face to face support from a SIDES math teacher. The teacher is also available to help long distance students by telephone, e-mail, or online virtual classes.


Students need access to a computer and printer to access the lessons and assignments, a scientific calculator, and a ruler. They will also need access to a scanner to scan their work. There are many apps available now which can do this.

All assignments must be submitted electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted, but a scanner is available at the Royal Oak SIDES campus for students to use.


Click here to view the Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 Curriculum.

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