Support for Learning

The BC Ministry of Education and Child Care acknowledges that there are some aspects of a general education program that are difficult to provide in an online environment. As such, financial support to a maximum of $500 per eligible SIDES student can be provided to enhance student learning through thirdparty educational services, activities, or resources. Student learning using S4L funding must be tied directly to competencies or content from the BC Curriculum and must be linked to the student’s education program. Teachers may assess student performance related to the service, activity, or resource supported by S4L funds. Families may also choose to use S4L to offset Internet access costs.

Student Eligibility:

  • Full-time SIDES student of record K-9; or
  • Full-time SIDES student of record in K-12 with a designation in levels 1, 2 or 3

Examples of acceptable uses of S4L funding:

  • Sports activities with a formal instructional component (no equipment purchases)
  • Music instruction, either in person or online (no equipment purchases)
  • Dance classes, either in person or online (no equipment purchases)
  • Horseback riding (no equipment purchases)
  • Membership in an astronomy or photography club (no equipment purchases)
  • Fine art instruction, either in person or online, including painting, pottery, knitting, drawing (no equipment purchases)
  • Consumable educational products, such as math workbooks (school supplies and computer supplies are NOT eligible)
  • Monthly Internet access costs

S4L is NOT intended for:

  • School supplies (including but not limited to paper, writing tools, binders, USB flash drives)
  • Art supplies (including but not limited to markers, crayons, arts-and-crafts items)
  • Hardware, or other non-consumable items (including but not limited to computers, laptops, printers, sports equipment, etc.)
  • Tutors
  • Play-based activities or resources not directly connected to the curriculum (including but not limited to LEGO or Playmobil)
  • Career/ Technical Centre program courses or Post-secondary transition (dual credit) courses
  • Museum entry
  • Drop-in recreational centre passes

Criteria for S4L approval:

Funds for activities or resources must be paid directly to third-party providers. Direct payment or reimbursement to students or families is not possible, except for Internet costs. Additional criteria for activities, services, or resources (to be included on the completed S4L application form):

  • Approval of the activity, service, or resource by the student’s SIDES teacher
  • Activity, service, or resource is aligned with curricular outcomes and student learning plan
  • Activity, service, or resource must be based in Canada
  • Activity must take place during school terms and must be completed by June 30, 2024

Internet access reimbursement

Families can choose to be reimbursed for Internet costs. Internet costs will be reimbursed twice per year (in January and May). To be reimbursed, families must submit proof of payment of Internet bills for the school year (September-June). Please note that bills alone are not sufficient. See below for directions.

Student safety and third-party providers:

Parents and guardians are solely responsible for ensuring all safety related to third-party providers of services and locations of third-party instruction, as well as the use of any equipment therein.

S4L funding schedule and calendar:

S4L funding is provided up to $500 per eligible student, per academic year, when registration for SIDES and the Student Learning Plan are completed and approved by the teacher and parent between July 1st and September 30, 2023. S4L funding will be pro-rated if registration occurs after September 30.

  • SIDES registration from July 1 to September 30 - $500 (eligible to apply after October 15)
  • SIDES registration from October 1 to February 14 - $250 (eligible only after February 15)
  • SIDES registration from February 15 to May 1 - $125 (eligible only after May 15)
  • SIDES registration from May 1 to June 30 – no funding provided

If a student formally or informally (as determined by SIDES) leaves SIDES before February 15 and has utilized the S4L funding, the parent must refund Saanich School District 50% of any S4L funds spent.

Application Process:

  • Parent completes the S4L Application Form and emails it to the student’s SIDES teacher
  • SIDES teacher approves or denies the activity, service or resource and informs parent
  • Parent enrolls child in the activity or service or orders resources and does not pay
  • Parent emails third-party provider invoice to teacher; SIDES pay provider directly
  • Parent agrees that teacher will require parental feedback on student activity

Application process for Internet access reimbursement

  • Parent completes this form and emails it to the school secretary, Julie B Jackson, (
  • Parent sends proof of payment of Internet access to in January and/or May. A separate form must be sent each time.

Download the Form: