Middle School Overview

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SIDES Middle School Grades 7 -9

The SIDES Middle School program is located at our Beaver Lake Campus, 4828 W. Saanich Road, about two kilometers north of SIDES' Royal Oak Campus.  Please contact us at 250-479-7125.

The SIDES Middle School Program follows the BC Ministry of Education curriculum and includes current and relevant supporting resources. Because SIDES is a BC public school, there is no cost to BC residents for the program.

SIDES Middle School Program Options

There are many reasons parents choose SIDES as an option for educating their middle school-age children. Families typically consider students' personal and educational needs, students' learning styles, and the family's home situation when making educational choices. Some family circumstances may make it difficult for students to attend a neighbourhood school, including families travelling or living temporarily away from their usual home. To meet the needs of all students, SIDES offers a variety of program options. SIDES teachers will be happy to work with you and your child in planning a program that assures a successful learning journey.

Program includes: