Adult Program Overview

SIDES Adult Program

SIDES offers a full range of BC secondary academic and elective courses available to adults.

Our courses and programs are customized for:

Graduated Adults - New Ministry Policy

Adult BC residents who HAVE NOT GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL will continue to be funded at 100% - courses remain free to these students.

Adult BC residents who HAVE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL and who wish to upgrade will be eligible for 100% funding for a limited number of courses, including English and Math Literacy courses, English 11 & 12, Math 11 and 12 (Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Foundations and Apprenticeship/Workplace), Biology  11 & 12, Chemistry 11 & 12 and Physics 11 & 12. Adult BC residents who have graduated and wish to take other courses offered at SIDES for upgrading or out of interest will no longer be eligible for Ministry of Education funding and therefore will be charged $500.00 per course.

Please note that courses offered in all of the above categories, regardless of whether or not they are funded, may require a resource deposit which is refundable upon return of the resources (in good condition).

English Language Assessment Policy

Distributed Learning courses make extensive use of written text for instruction and assessment.  Therefore, in order for students to be successful in SIDES courses, they must have proficiency in the English language.

Effective July 12th, 2012, SIDES will institute the following English Language Assessment policy.

At the discretion of a SIDES teacher or counsellor, a student may be asked to complete a written English Language Assessment prior to beginning a SIDES course. The English Language Assessment must take place under supervised test conditions. This assessment may be used to help determine suitable course placement. As a result of the assessment, students may be required to complete one or more ESL or Literacy Foundations courses before moving on to further course work at SIDES.