Partnership Programs

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Partnership Programs

SIDES offers a number of dual credit opportunities for students who are interested in trades or an academic program.  Dual credit opportunities mean that students will earn credit toward graduation from secondary school at the same time as they are earning credit toward post-secondary programs.

A partnership exists between Camosun College and the South Island School District to provide post-secondary trades training ACE IT programs. ACE IT is an industry-training program for high school students. Through an ACE IT program, students can take courses that will give both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of an apprenticeship program.The ACE IT programs offered at Camosun or secondary schools offer students some of the following options.

Students may:

Further information is available at or by contacting one of our counsellors.

Students must meet with SIDES Career Counsellor to understand the appropriate duration and pre-requisites of each program and to establish an educational plan.

Email: Rhiannon Cockayne
Phone: 250-704-4963


Hairdessing (VIU)

Career Exploration

Health Care




Advanced Placement


Health Care

University Transfer (examples)