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Helpful Tips:

Sending in Your Work

Send in your assignments to SIDES as soon as they have been completed. Please do not hold back your papers and send them in for marking in large batches. The markers have been instructed to mark one paper per day per student (unless they have extra time), so this will only hold up the marking process. Please note also that when you send the second assignment in each module in for marking, it triggers the next module to be mailed out, and the test for that module to be released. If you hold back papers, this will only slow everything down for you.

If mailing papers in:
Use the envelopes provided - be sure to attach the proper postage and to write your return address on the comment sheets.  If you are taking more than one course and have papers from different courses ready at the same time, please send them in one envelope. Please note that papers can take anywhere from 7-14 days for turnaround if mailing both ways, depending on the postal service and your location.

If using the drop off box/basket:
If you wish to avoid using the postal service, a drop off box is situated outside the front door of our building. No postage is necessary, and work can be dropped off at any time of the day or week. A drop off basket is also set up at the reception desk if you are dropping off your work during office hours. If you are using the above drop off service on a regular basis, and you would like to pick up your marked papers while your are here, just write your name on the back of the white portion of each comment sheet with a bold note indicating “HOLD FOR PICK-UP” and these papers will be held at the reception desk for you. The turn around time for marked papers if dropping off and picking up is approximately 2-3 days.

Comment sheet:
Complete a comment sheet for each paper, making sure you put your name and address on the back of the white sheet. These forms consist of 3 sheets (white, yellow, & pink) - do not separate them! Click here for a printable comment sheet.

Attach any extra papers, etc., securely to the exercise section (a paper clip works well). Make sure your name is on the extra papers. Complete the beige Student Information Card (one for the first submission in each course).

If emailing assignments in:
If you wish to email assignments carefully include the following information in the body of your your email.  Email to

Note: Assignments will be printed out, marked and returned by mail.