Family Studies 12

Family Studies 12 Course Details


Kim Lemieux


The Family Studies 12 course consists of two parts.

Part 1 (2 credits) The aim of Interpersonal and Family Relationships is to provide students with a broad overview of how relationships form and change. Students explore a variety of relationships, including work relationships, friendships, and committed relationships, as well as examine how these relationships evolve or end. This course also provides an overview of effective communication, wellness, and safety in interpersonal relationships. Students examine the variety of ways people communicate and describe components of healthy and unhealthy relationships. They conclude Part 1 by researching careers associated with interpersonal and family relationships.

Part 2 (2 credits) The aim of Families in Society is to provide a broad overview of: Families in a Changing World; Living in a Family; Facing Family Challenges; and Career Opportunities. Students examine how changes in society impact the definition of family and the functions of the family, as well as explore family trends in Canada and family customs and traditions in different cultures. Students examine the roles and responsibilities of family members, family values, and the influence of family dynamics. Students also understand the economic, social, and emotional issues facing families today and practical strategies for coping with those challenges. Students conclude Part 2 by researching careers associated with the family in society.






student paced
students can communicate with the teacher through email or telephone
students have one year to complete the course


2 online parts
students contact teacher for support
assignments submitted through quiz function
project or test for each part (with approval from teacher)


Registration Assignment = 2%

Part 1 Lesson Assignments = 33%
Test or Project = 15%

Part 2 Lesson Assignments = 36%
Test or Project = 14%

BC Performance Standards


Teacher provides ongoing support through email, telephone conversations, or face-to-face tutorial sessions




basic technical requirements

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Registration Assignment = 2%

Part 1 Lesson Assignments = 33%
Section 1
• 1A The Family through Time
• 1B Functions of the Family
• 1C Families Today and Tomorrow
• 1D Traditions and Rites
• 1E Current Trends in Canadian Families

Section 2
• 2A Roles and Responsibilities of Family Members
• 2B Factors That Influence Family Dynamics
• 2C Personal and Family Values

Section 3
• 3A Family Stress
• 3B Show Me the Money
• 3C Care Giving

Test or Project = 15%

Part 2 Lesson Assignments = 36%
Section 1
• 1A Types of Communication
• 1B Skills for Effective Communication
• 1C Effective Communication in Different Situations

Section 2
• 2A Forming Relationships
• 2B Committed Relationships
• 2C When Relationships End

Section 3
• 3A Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships
• 3B Wellness and Safety in Relationships

Test or Project = 14%


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