Art 9

Art 9 Course Details


Rachel Morris


It is recommended that students complete Grade 8.


This course consists of eight exciting modules. All students will take Module 1 (Drawing) and Module 6 (Theme and Image) and choose two of the remaining six. The course offers students a firm foundation in drawing and design basics and introduces them to painting, printmaking, crafts, art appreciation, or photography.




Students can correspond in writing with the course marker through the submission sheets with each assignment.
Students will communicate with the teacher/advisor to get any needed support.


4 print modules (18 send-in assignments)


100% Coursework

BC Performance Standards


Limited tutorial support by appointment at SIDES, support by course teacher as needed.


Module 1: Drawing
Audio Tape
Video tape (optional)
Read Me First Guide
Drawing Supply Kit

Module 2: Design
Video tape (optional)
Design Supply Kit

Module 3: Painting with Acrylics
Video tape (optional)
Painting Supply Kit

Module 4: Printmaking
Video tape (optional)

Module 5: Photography
Photography Supply Kit

Module 6: Theme and Image
Theme & Image Supply Kit

Module 7: Art From Many Lands
Art From Many Lands Supply Kit

Module 8: How to Look at Art
How to Look at Art Supply Kit

More Info

All students do Modules 1 and 6

Module 1: Drawing

Section 1: Making a Start

Section 2: Movement

Section 3: Contour Drawing

Section 4: Finishing Touches

Students may choose any two of Modules 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 8.

Module 2: Design

Section 1: The Filling of Given Spaces

Section 2: Graphic Design

Section 3: Using What We Know

Section 4: Design in Architecture

Module 3: Painting with Acrylics

Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Colour, Composition, and Unity

Section 3: Through Thick and Thin

Section 4: Variations on a Theme

Module 4: Printmaking

Section 1: Planographic Printing

Section 2: Relief Printing Methods

Section 3: Intaglio Methods

Section 4: Stencil Printing

Module 5: Photography

Section 1: About Cameras

Section 2: All About Lighting

Section 3: How to Improve Your Photographs

Section 4: Fun With Your Camera  

All students do Module 6.

Module 6: Theme and Image

Students utilize skills learned throughout the course to explore these four themes, completing four projects from a wide variety of suggestions.

Section 1: Simplification

Section 2: Elaboration

Section 3: Selection

Section 4: Juxtaposition


Art 9 Prescribed Learning Outcomes