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Lara McNamee


Spanish 9 Foundations Online is an introductory course requiring no previous knowledge of the language. Emphasis is on vocabulary building, pronunciation, and developing interpersonal communication skills. Through a variety of activities, learners will embark on an incredible journey to the Spanish-speaking world around them and gain an appreciation of Hispanic culture, music, and literature.

Fasten your seatbelts! You will be embarking on an incredible journey to the Spanish-speaking world around you! While learning to communicate in Spanish, students will be immersed in the culture of the twenty-one countries where Spanish is spoken as an official language. You will learn about the music, food, and famous people from these countries.

This on-line course offers a fresh, exciting approach to learning Spanish. Students will have the opportunity to complete activities on-line and receive instant feedback. V-class sessions will also take place on a regular basis where students can communicate with each other in Spanish and practise what they are learning.

Hasta pronto...remember that knowledge of a second-language will open many doors for you including business, travel, and many career opportunities. Spanish is currently spoken by more than 400 million people in the world today as a first-language and continues to grow in popularity with second-language learners. Welcome to this exciting new world!






Teacher-directed Student-paced
Students are strongly encouraged to participate in synchronous classes at scheduled times. Class times will be posted in the course information in Sides Online. We attempt to accommodate students' schedules.


Students will be evaluated throughout the course on oral presentations, online interactive assignments, projects, written assignments, and a final exam. All four aspects of language learning will be assessed. Assessment will take place in a variety of ways including self, portfolio, and teacher assessment.
Creative projects to assess your learning include the following:
- PowerPoint presentation of driving rules - 'Latin idol'; highlight your favourite Latin artists!
- tourist brochures - family tree
- time capsule - and much more...


There will be a final assessment of all four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Cultural knowledge will also be assessed.

BC Performance Standards


Tutorial sessions are available, in addition to regular Vclass sessions.


Realidades Uno student text ($93.00)

Realidades Uno student workbook - audio, video, and writing practice.


Basic Technical RequirementsBroadband high-speed internet access
Additional requirements for synchronous students

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Unit One: Mis amigos y yo

            1A-Que te gusta hacer? ( activities, preferences )


Unit Two: La escuela

            2A- Tu dia en la escuela ( schools subjects and schedules, cultural comparisons)

            2B-Tu sala de clases ( Central America, locations )


Unit 3: La comida

            3A-Desayuno o almuerzo? ( foods, mealtime preferences, me gusta, South America)

            3B-Para mantener la salud ( food, beverages, health, exercise choices, cultural perspectives on food and health)


Unit 4: Los pasatiempos

            4A-locations, asking questions, ir, leisure activities and cultural perspectives )

            4B-Quieres ir conmigo? ( activities, invitations, evens, after-school activities )


Click here to view the Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) within the Integrated Resource Package (IRP)for this course.