English 08

English 08 Course Details


Dave Evans


It is recommended that students complete Grade 7.


English 8 Online students will access their English materials through SIDES Online (a password protected website). In this environment, students will complete individual and group assignments, participate in discussions, surveys, quizzes, and access news.

Students will participate in one weekly virtual classroom session.

Students will interact with their teacher and peers on a weekly basis.

Assignments are marked by the teacher/advisor.

Note: Students who participate will have opportunities to work with a wide range of technology tools to receive credit for Info Tech 8. Students will be asked to present English assignments using a variety of software to demonstrate competency in the prescribed learning outcomes for Information Technology 8.

Term 1
Autobiographies, novel study, Adventure unit

Term 2
Media, Issues Unit, Novel study

Term 3
Poetry and Plays, Writer's Workshop, independent novel study




The course is organized in nine- to ten-week chunks for each term. The content is released on a weekly basis and there are lessons for each day of the week. Students are expected to keep pace with the work assigned each week.

Students will have regular contact with the teacher/advisor through email, the virtual classroom, and their marked work.


Term Assignments, quizzes, and tests


70% Coursework
30% Tests

BC Performance Standards


SIDES teacher - Patsy McCarter


Crossroads ($46.00)

Holes ($10.00)

King of Shadows ($7.00)

Storm Warning ($7.00)

Language Arts Survival Guide ($50.00)

Poetry Alive - Transitions ($50.00)

PlayMaking (Magazine) ($20.00)

PlayMaking (Anthology) ($20.00)

Futures ($30.00)

Heroic Adventures ($22.00)

Audio - Heroic Adventures ($60.00)

Media Mix (Anthology) ($10.00)

Media and Communications (Anthology) ($22.00)

Media and Communications (Magazine) ($25.00)

Video - Invisible Persuaders ($25.00)

Video - Don't be a TV Victim ($20.00)


Basic Technical Requirements
Additional requirements for synchronous students


English 8 Prescribed Learning Outcomes