English 10: Literary Studies

English 10: Literary Studies Course Details


Laura Blake


English 9


This newly developed Literary Studies 10 course fully meets the learning outcomes for the new BC Curriculum. The focus in this course is on the study of literature and on writing; students will complete a variety of assignments including graphic organizers, and personal, creative, expository, and comparative writing.

This course is 2 Credits Only– Please note that students must take two mini-courses to fulfill their grade 10 English requirements. We recommend that students begin with Composition 10 and then complete Literary Studies 10. Students must have a total of 4 English credits at the grade 10 level in order to move on to grade 11.

Literary Studies 10 is a 2-unit course. We recommend that students begin with Composition 10 and then move on to Literary Studies 10.

Literary Studies 10 is organized into two units:

Students will be assessed on graphic organizers, paragraphs, comparative essays, personal essays, creative writing, and reader-response assignments.








Students can submit all assignments electronically; students in the Greater Victoria area will write their test at the SIDES Royal Oak campus located at 4575 Wilkinson Road.

Long distance students are responsible for arranging a test supervisor at a school, or academic institution (ex. college, university, or library). Tests supervisors will need to be approved by SIDES administration. Students should actively be arranging a test supervisor while completing the first unit of the course. Students will be required to schedule tests at times that are convenient for the test supervisor.


Orientation Course – 5%

Unit One – 48%

Unit Two – 27%

Exam – 20%

BC Performance Standards


Students can contact their teacher to arrange for extra help.


Students need access to a computer and high speed internet

All assignments must be submitted electronically.

All readings except for the novel can be accessed online. Students will be given a choice of novels. The current choices include: