Science and Technology 11

Science and Technology 11 Course Details


Clint Surry


It is recommended that students complete Grade 10.


Science and Technology 11 satisfies the Grade 11-12 science requirement for the 2004 Graduation Program. This course does not have a Final Exam (note: some post-secondary entrance requirements require a science course with a final exam).

This course will help students develop a better understanding of the relationships between science and technology and how scientific and technological knowledge can be applied in our everyday lives. In particular, Science and Technology 11 will help students come to understand things such as:

Course Layout
Unit 1: Forensics
Unit 2: At the Lab
Unit 3: Establishing Identities
Unit 4: Transportation
Unit 5: A Closer Look at the Automobile
Unit 6: Transportation Systems
Unit 7: Personal Technologies
Unit 8: The Evolution of Personal Technologies
Unit 9: Major Natural Resources in British Columbia
Unit 10: Natural Resource Management
Unit 11: Our Impact on the Environment
Unit 12: A: Technology and the Environment






Continuous Enrolment, Teacher directed, Student paced


Students are assessed in a variety of ways. The course is designed to evaluate a student's understanding of the concepts through:
- 6 Quizzes (14%)
- 12 Assignments (66%)
- 2 Projects (20%)

This course does not have a Final Exam.

BC Performance Standards


SIDES teacher

Tutorial Support available at SIDES Royal Oak Campus


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