Science 08

Science 08 Course Details


Chris Vickers


It is recommended that students complete Grade 7.


The Science 8 course consists of four modules, each module has a module test.  Use of a CD Rom is recommended.  




students can correspond in writing with the course marker through the submission sheets with each assignment. Students will communicate with the teacher/advisor to get any needed support.


4 print modules 
4 module tests, 2 hours each


40% Coursework
60% Tests

BC Performance Standards


Limited tutorial support at SIDES by appointment 


BC Science Probe 8 (Nelson) $100.00
OR BC Science 8 (McGraw-Hill Ryerson) $85.00
Science Kit  (for modules 1 and 2) $4.95
Science Orientation Skills Package (Optional) $20.00
Science 8 Media CD Optional $35.00


Print-based: none

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MODULE 1 Life Science: Cells and Systems
SECTION 1: Characteristics of Living Things and Cell Theory, Plant and Animal Cells, Bacterial Cells, Osmosis and Diffusion, Your Body’s Systems. 

SECTION 2: Levels of Organization in Organisms, The Circulatory System, The Digestive System, The Excretory System – Taking care of Wastes, Respiratory System, Cell Specialization, Relationships and Interactions of the Systems, The Defence Systems. 

SECTION 3: Pathogens and Antigens, Primary Defence System, Secondary Defence System, Tertiary Defence. 

Test 1 

MODULE 2 Physical Science: Optics
SECTION 1: Waves, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Light, Mirrors and Lenses. 

SECTION 2: Properties of Visible Light, Light Transmission and Absorption, Reflection of Light, Refraction of Light, Human Light 

SECTION 3: Introduction to the Eye, Getting Ready to Dissect an Eye-Safety First!, Correcting Vision Problems, Seeing Beyond the Normal. 

Test 2 

MODULE 3 Physical Science: Fluids and Dynamics 
SECTION 1: Kinetic Molecular Theory, States of Matter, From One State to Another. 

SECTION 2: Define and Calculate Density, Measuring Mass and Volume, How Temperature Affects Density, The Concept of Force 

SECTION 3: Types of Force, Friction, Forces in Motion, Fluids. 

SECTION 4: Force and Pressure, The Habits of Fluids, Natural and Constructed Fluid Systems 

Test 3 

MODULE 4 Earth Science: All About Water 
SECTION 1: Distribution of Water, The Water Cycle, Fresh and Salt Water, Ocean Currents and Temperature, Ocean Currents and Climate.

SECTION 2: Weathering and Erosion, The Movement of Water and Ice, Glaciation, Generation of Waves and Tides, Life in Aquatic Environments. 

SECTION 3: Productivity and Species Distribution in Aquatic Environments, Biodiversity, Human Use of Aquatic Ecosystems. 

Test 4


Science 8 Prescribed Learning Outcomes