Social Studies 11

Social Studies 11 Course Details


Audrey Hayes


Students must have completed Social Studies 10.


With the development and implementation of the new curriculum, we will be closing Social Studies 11 effective June 28th, 2019. The last day to register for this course is November 15th, 2018. This means that you will need to complete the Orientation Course by December 17th, 2018. Once you have gained access to the remainder of the course, you will have until June 15, 2019 to finish the course. This includes all course material and exams. There will not be any extensions granted.

Social Studies 11 online consists of four units:

Politics and Government
History (1914-1945)
History (1945-2000)
Human Geography






For each unit, there are many opportunities for students to practice their skills before submitting a major assignment or in the case where the student is already comfortable with the material, there is an opportunity to move forward. You analyze your needs and set the pace. We help you achieve those goals!


4 units
4 unit tests
Chapter assignments to showcase skill building and demonstration of concept attainment
Chapter assignments may offer choice of presentation (written, visual, audio, power point...)


40% Coursework
60% Unit Tests

BC Performance Standards


Optional: Counterpoints: Exploring Canadian Issues ($100.00 deposit) .


More Info

Unit 1: Politics and Government

Chapter 1: The Study of Politics and Government in Canada

Chapter 2: The Canadian Federal System

Chapter 3: You and Your Part in Government

Chapter 4: The Rights of Canadian Citizens

Study tips for Unit 1 test

Unit 1 test

Unit 2: History (1914-1945)

Chapter 1: Canada's Role in World War I

Chapter 2: The Roaring Twenties

Chapter 3: The Great Depression

Chapter 4: Canada's Role in World War II

Study tips for Unit 2 test

Unit 2 test

Unit 3: History (1945-2000)

Chapter 1: Canada's International Role

Chapter 2: Canada's Changing Society

Chapter 3: Canada's Changing Identity

Study tips for Unit 3 test

Unit 3 test

Unit 4: Human Geography

Chapter 1: Population

Chapter 2: Standards of Living and Poverty

Chapter 3: Environmental Challenges

Study tips for Unit 4 test

Unit 4 test


This course will no longer be offered after this year as it is based on the 2005 curriculum document. Click here to view the Ministry of Education curriculum for this course.