Social Studies 10

Social Studies 10 Course Details


Holly Mair


Students must have completed Social Studies 9.


Social Studies 10 addresses Canadian history from 1919 to today and is based on the BC New Curriculum - Social Studies 10.

Social Studies 10 revolves around four big ideas:

This course has been divided into the following units of study: Units 1-5 can be done in any order. The midterm and Unit 6 should be completed after Units 1-5.
Orientation Course
Unit One: Defining Moments in Military History 1919-Present
Unit Two: Defining Moments in Social History 1919-Present
Unit Three: Defining Moments in Indigenous History 1919-Present
Unit Four: Defining Moments in Legal History 1919-Present
Unit Five: Defining Moments in Multi-Cultural History 1919-Present
Midterm: Supervised Test
Unit Six: Inquiry Project






This course is self-paced and students can begin throughout the year. It is ideal for students who wish to take responsibility for establishing their own timelines and require a flexible course that they can accommodate into their lives.

Students are expected to complete the course within a one-year period. We encourage students to complete a schedule for themselves using the built in scheduler at the beginning of the course. This will give students the big picture view of their commitment and progress towards completion.


6 online units
1 midterm


Students are assessed on a variety of assignments in each unit, including assignments, quizzes, and other activities. There is a supervised midterm exam and unit six is an inquiry project. Assignments are submitted electronically through the course to ensure prompt feedback. Assessments are rubric-based.

Orientation Course 5%
Unit One: Military History 10%
Unit Two: Social History 10%
Unit Three: Indigenous History 10%
Unit Four: Legal History 10%
Unit Five: Multi-Cultural History 10%
Midterm: Supervised Test 20%
Unit Six: Inquiry Project 25%

BC Performance Standards


There is no textbook for this course. All materials are included within the online Learning Management System.



This course meets the requirements for the new version of Social Studies 10 as laid out in the BC New Curriculum documents. Click here to see the curriculum documents.