We offer a wide range of adult graduation opportunities. SIDES offers a comprehensive K-9 program. SIDES offers flexible secondary courses.

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Welcome to the South Island Distance Education School (SIDES).

SIDES is a public, full-service, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) school and has been selected as one of the Provincial Online Learning Schools (POLS).

SIDES students include both school-age and adults who want to graduate or to upgrade courses. SIDES also welcomes students in Grades 9-12 who attend a neighbourhood school but want to supplement with online courses.

Travel to COSTA RICA - Travel for Credit with Saanich Schools and EF Educational Tours

We are excited to announce that SIDES has partnered with EF Educational Tours to offer students interested in taking Life Science 11 the chance to travel to Costa Rica while earning 4 credits toward graduation. Students who register for the program will be able to earn credit for Life Science 11 by participating in a blend of online learning and in-person learning at SIDES (April - August 2024) plus one week of travel in Costa Rica (July 2024) with EF Educational Tours. Head to the Saanich Schools Travel for Credit website to learn more.