We offer a wide range of adult graduation opportunities. SIDES offers a comprehensive K-9 program. SIDES offers flexible secondary courses.

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Welcome to the South Island Distance Education School (SIDES).

SIDES is a public, full-service, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) school, offering online courses to all students in British Columbia. SIDES students include both school-age and adults who want to graduate or to upgrade courses. SIDES also welcomes students in Grades 9-12 who attend a neighbourhood school but want to supplement with online courses.

NEW COURSE: English First Peoples 12

The focus in this course is on deepening understanding of Indigenous issues and perspectives through the exploration of Authentic Indigenous text. Students will explore text in a variety of forms and genres, and will be encouraged to think critically, creatively and reflectively to explore ideas within and between texts; they will write in a variety of genres, structures, and forms, and will be encouraged to take risks and become ever more precise and intentional in their use of language.

Learn more at https://www.sides.ca/en//courseguide/description/130/179.html